Do you need MOD?  Let's see...

Maybe your house:

- is too small for your growing family?

- is tired and out-of-date?

- is in a great location but no longer fits

  your current or anticipated future needs?

Or, does your business:

- need more space?

- need a new location or identity?

- need to better use the space it's currently in?

- seek to be more environmentally friendly?

Does your organization:

- have one or multiple facilities it needs to

   maintain or MODernize, however:

- it must answer to a Board or the Public?

- it has layers of decision-making?

- it needs to go through sometimes tedious

  processes to make things happen?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, MOD Architecture may be a good fit to help you find a solution.

If you answered 'no' to all these questions - keep up the good work! (and please pass MOD's information along to someone who is striving to be more like you)

Why MOD?

Do you need to:

Trust, open communcation, experience, creativity, sensitivity to timelines and budgets...


MOD seeks to deliver value through exceptional service in the realization of our Client's projects.

The investment of trust, time, energy and money should create a process that yields nothing less than great results.

Add space?

Update space?

Create some living space?

Invent a happy place?

MOD can help


"Brian, the Owner, helped us by creating an incredible design for our basement.  He took a basement and created a true, third level to our house.  With his suggestions, the project exceeded our expectations and surpassed anything we had imagined.  He truly has a great eye for transforming a space.  As we continue the project that is our "home", we will be counting on his advice and expertise going forward.  VERY PLEASED!"

PM, Overland Park, KS

"MOD was awesome to work with.  Very creative solutions to an 80-year old space.  All deadlines were met and, as the project is currently underway, we are lacking nothing in terms of direction and specifications.  Totally recommend MOD".

SH, Gardner, KS