MOD: Services

The range of Architectural Services available to Clients can often be overwhelming - at first.  But, with some good communication, the needs and expectations of a Client will surface and allow the Architect to tailor those services to meet the requirements of both the Client and the Project.  

Architectural Services are, by their nature, sequential and progressive.  The project moves forward based upon information gathered and decisions made.   The framework upon which the services are provided and sequence in which they are delivered remain the constant from project to project.  MOD’s brief descriptions of services is an attempt to clarify what’s out there, differentiate between Commercial and Residential services and explain the process of tailoring the right services to a project.  Contact MOD for more detailed explanations.

MOD:spark is a new concept created by MOD as a way to introduce more people, specifically potential residential Clients, to the value of architectural ideas and services.  

MOD:focus is the evolution of spark...further explore your ideas, needs and wants, then zero in on those that are most likely to yield results that exceed your expectations.

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