63rd Street Tudor Addition
With its stately presence on a busy street for over 100 years, this home needed some functional improvements on the main level to meet modern-day needs.  MOD was brought in design better access to both a rebuilt garage and the basement.  One catch, make the new work look like it was there from the beginning...
before: view from the street
after: view from the street with the newly constructed garage to the right
before: view from the backyard looking at the southeast corner of the home
after: view from the backyard with the new sunroom, dropzone and garage addition on the left side
before: the back of the original garage with a lean-to shed added at some point
after: newly reconstructed (and expanded) garage with new covered porch and dropzone to the right
before: rear of the home with existing garage on left side
after: rear of the home with the new addition - covered porch at center and new garage to the left
before: east side of home
after: east side of home with addition beyond on the left side
before: original garage
after: re-built garage with added depth, proper drainage and easy access to the house
before: cramped garage, heaved floor slab and very tight access to house
after: re-built garage with easy access to house (left) and access to back yard (door on right)
before: existing garage had a very uneven floor slab and a bit of sagging in the door header
after: re-built garage with a daylight overhead door and properly draining floor slab
before: existing garage had new windows installed to provide a bit more light
after: re-built garage - re-using the not-so-old replacement windows and a new overhead door with windows - plenty of light
before: cramped drop-zone between kitchen and garage
after: view to the new dropzone from the kitchen with the new stair to the basement on the left and the door to the garage on the far right
before: dining area off the kitchen with a view to the backyard
after: new breakfast nook off the kitchen with exterior access to the left and a new full bathroom to the right
after: new breakfast nook to the left and reworked cabinetry to the right
after: reworked cabinetry with the breakfast nook back on the left and the pantry and dropzone to the right
after: new dropzone as viewed from the kitchen with the new stair down to the basement on the left and access to the garage on the right
after: view from the new dropzone back toward the kitchen and down the stairs to the basement
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